Glen Vista Property Owners Association

Are You a Member

One of the most frequently asked questions from property owners is:

How do I know if I’m a paying member of the Glen Vista Property Owners Association (GVPOA)?

To find out if you are a Paying Member please email the Board at  

Filings 1 through 8

Historically GVPOA began with Filings 1 through 8 with an ‘option’ to join to Property Owners Association after it was created due to state changes in water rights.  Currently, there are about 50% of the properties in these filings that are members of the GVPOA.  Property Owners in these filings who are not Members but wish to become members can follow these steps to become ‘annexed’ into the Association:

            1.   Complete an application for annexation, have your signature notarized and mail to Glen Vista Property Owners Association 93 Wendy Drive, Cotopaxi, CO  81223.

            2.      The Board will call for a vote of the general membership at the next annual meeting approving the application.

            3.      The approved application will then be signed by GVPOA President and Secretary and recorded at the Fremont County Clerk and Recorders Office.

Once the property is annexed it will remain a part of the POA in perpetuity and for all subsequent owners. Few parcels – with or without dwellings – are not Paying Members so JOIN TODAY!

Filings 9 through 16

Properties in these filings were automatically brought into the Association due to water and well rights.  If you have further questions about this, please use the “Contact Us” link above to contact the Board or call 719-315-1520.

All parcels in Glen Vista are governed by the Covenants and the By-Laws of Glen Vista Property Owners Association, Inc. regardless of member paying status.