Quarterly Board Meeting Schedule

February 4, 2017

April 8, 2017

July 8, 2017

Annual Members Meeting October 14, 2017

All at 10:00 a.m.

All at Deer Mountain Fire Station 



Mr. Murphy has had a field day this year!  

Another batch of 70 invoices escaped with the incorrect address referenced.  If yours was one of them, you should receive another soon as they were mailed Friday January 20th.

If you’re not acquainted with Mr. Murphy, consider yourself lucky.  Here are a few of Murphy’s Laws from www.murphys-laws.com:

* If anything can go wrong, it will

* If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong

* If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway

* If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop



167 Invoices Were Mailed With Erroneous Information.  
If Yours Was Among Them, Please be Patient!  
New Invoices Will Be Mailed Monday, January 16, 2017.

We Apologize for the Inconvenience.


Annual Membership Dues Invoices

Have Been Mailed

Saturday, January 7, 2017 

Assessments for Dues are $104.00 Per Calendar Year for Each Member Lot.

A  $10.00 Per Member Lot Early Payment Discount Applies
To 2017 Dues If The Account is Paid In Full Before April 1, 2017.

I.E.: If Payment is Postmarked On or Before March 31, 2017
Payment Will be $94.00 Per Lot.


Filings 9 – 16 Must Meter Your Wells!

It’s your Responsibility and it’s a Court Ordered Act.


Fremont County Rules on Marijuana Limits:

“Over 36 plants is a business and you cannot have a  business in Glen Vista”

“The ordinance limits caregiver marijuana grows to 36 plants on properties less than 10 acres in size in unincorporated Fremont County.

        Caregivers could grow up to 99 plants on parcels of 10 acres or larger                   as long as they are the owner of the property.

To review Fremont County’s ordinance, visit the county’s website at www.fremontco.com.”

Full Article by Carie Canterbury Canon City Daily Record

You can also watch the KOAA TV Report on Ruling at http://www.koaa.com/clip/12357762/fremont-county-sets-new-marijuana-plant-limits-on-growers

Lets hope this ends the question!

Please obey the county rules as well as

Glen Vista Covenants and Bylaws.


Glen Vista By Law and Covenant Enforcement

The information above is why GVPOA is enforcing Active Covenants including the By Laws that state No Fires and 60 Day Camping Enforcement that are not only a GVPOA rules but Fremont County Wide Rules that specifically state you may not live in a travel trailer, RV, any other kind of movable trailer.

**A building must be at least 750 square feet to be considered a dwelling**

To enforce our By Laws, GVPOA asking that all travel trailers, etc.  be removed and stored elsewhere to make sure no one is breaking the covenants by living here illegally.

60 Camping Glen Vista By Law:

“No Trailer, Motor home or mobile home, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn other out-building (sic) shall at any time be used for private habitation temporarily or permanently, except for a period of not to exceed two months”

No Fire Glen Vista By Law:

“Reasonable precautions shall be taken against fire hazards and NO OUTDOOR BURNING OF ANY KIND SHALL BE PERMITTED upon the premises (sic) unless in an approved INCINERATOR WITH ASH CONTROL”

Glen Vista has too many nice, year round homes to allow a camp fire to accidently get out of control and burn our homes down!


Remember – All Lots Are Governed By Our Active Covenants!

Whether you are a “Paying Member” or not

(of our 1162 lots all but a couple hundred are Paying Members)

ALL LOTS are governed by the Covenants and By Laws you signed when you bought your house or land in Glen Vista!

We suggest all lot owners thinking of selling make sure to tell prospective Buyers there are Dues and Active Covenants and we are enforcing them!


Any questions or concerns, please leave a message at this number 719-315-1520


What is happening at the Fire Department

Many of you have watched as bull dozers plowed earth away at the Deer Mountain Fire Department. There are many improvements underway to expand and modernize both fire and rescue. Over the summer months 2 new water tanks have been installed that will increase avalible water from 24,000 gallons to a whopping 56,000 gallons. Many new trucks have been added including 2 new wildland fire trucks, tender trucks and a first responder fire rescue truck. The Emergency Medical Service is now operating out of a brand new ambulance which increased their fleet to 2 ambulances in service. Some of these vehicles can not be put into service as they are presently parked outside in the freezing weather. All of these improvements have caused both fire and rescue to outgrow the existing space. A new 5500 square foot 5 bay addition is being constructed to house all the trucks and equipment. One of these bays will be use exclusively for truck maintenance. Training under the new fire chief, Joe Watts, has increased ten fold and speaking as one of the firefighters…we are ready. There will be  thousands of hours in volunteer hours when the addition is complete and an infinite number of hours on fire and rescue calls so

PLEASE: THANK A FIRE FIGHTER when you see them.


DEA confiscates Rolexes, homes and luxury cars from illegal pot grow:

By Kirk Mitchell
The Denver Post
Posted:   01/29/2016 02:45:12 PM MST45 Comments | Updated:   2 days ago
Federal prosecutors are going after the money side of a southern Colorado marijuana grow enterprise by confiscating cash, homes and luxury cars.
U.S. Attorney John Walsh’s office filed a forfeiture lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court seeking to claim property including four homes, a mobile home, luxury watches, more than 1,000 marijuana plants and nearly 1,000 pieces of marijuana equipment. The value of the forfeitures exceed $1 million, including the $827,000 value of the homes, according to federal court records. The lawsuit stems from a dragnet last year in which 13 men and a woman were charged with federal counts of illegally growing marijuana. According to the recent lawsuit, members of the syndicate bought homes in Cotopaxi and Westcliffe and turned them into illegal grow operations. They shipped marijuana to Florida via UPS. Besides the marijuana plants and equipment, agents from the Southern Colorado Drug Task Force and the Colorado Springs DEA used electric bills as evidence. Marijuana grow operations demand a large amount of electrical power. For example, agents reviewed the electric bills of a home on Thunderbird Drive in Cotopaxi for 10 months before accused drug dealer Victor Garcia bought the home for $160,000 in 2013 and the 10 months after the purchase. The home had used 78 kilowatts from Sangre De Cristo Electric between September 2012 and June 2013.Between May 2014 and July 2015, the home consumed 17,573 kilowatts, the report says.Reference Original Article: