Glen Vista Property Owners Association

Frequently Asked Questions

1) The county setbacks are 25 feet. Glen Vista is 50 feet. Will the GVPOA give variances?

Answer: NO, GVPOA does not give variances to the 50 feet setback requirement. This is to protect all landowners.

2) Is burning allowed in GVPOA?

Answer: Absolutely no open fires of any type in GVPOA. We have many residences here and more being built every year. It does NOT matter what the County, State or Deer Mountain Fire Station say, here in Glen Vista there are no fires allowed at all. We want to avoid a repeat of the June 2, 2002 Iron Mountain Fire which was caused by a charcoal grill tipping over on a windy day during drought conditions. It affected Glen Vista, Deer Mountain, Copper Gulch, Cody Park and Colorado Acres.  It ultimately burned over 4,400 acres, 100 homes and another 106 structures.
Fines will be levied for any infraction. If the Fire Station is called, they can also levy fines.

3) I do not pay yearly dues so I don’t have to abide by the covenants, correct?

Answer: ALL 1153 parcels are required to abide by the covenants. The covenants “ride with the land”, not with the homeowner. You bought land with covenants attached to it. ***** Covenants are enforced, up to and including fines and court action.  See covenants enforcement letter.

4) What do I get for my dues?

Answer: You receive newsletters throughout the year with reminders of our activities, you benefit from road grading and maintenance, the enforcement of covenants designed to protect your property values, attorney fees associated with enforcement of covenants, an annual road clean up event, an organized trash, tires and electronics day for GVPOA and organized free wood chipping days for members. New street signs are beginning to be installed.

5) Are their rules about outside watering?

Answer: GVPOA water is for IN HOME use only. If you need to water animals or gardens outside, you need to haul water for those activities and keeping your receipts is strongly recommended. The water regulations are in the covenants.You can also check with Dan Henrichs, Water Commissioner at

6) What electric company should I use?

Answer: Sangre deCristo Electric is the provider for this area. Their toll free number is 844-395-2412 or 719-395-2412.

7) I am planning to build a house and I have questions. Can I build a tire house,  container house, yurt, or other alternate  structure?

Answer: FYI- PER FREMONT COUNTY, YOUR FIRST STRUCTURE ON YOUR PROPERTY EVEN IF IT’S A SHED, MUST HAVE A  PERMIT.   Contact the Fremont County Building Department at 719-276-7460 Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are located at 615 Macon Ave, Room 212, Canon City, Co, 81212.   Contact the Fremont County Department of Planning and Zoning at 719-276-7360 Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. . They primarily deal with land use issues in the unincorporated areas of the county. They are located at 615 Macon Ave, Room 210, Canon City, Co, 81212. Website –

8) How can I volunteer with Glen Vista?

Answer:  GVPOA is looking for volunteers to be on a Covenant Enforcement Committee. On our website, scroll down to Policies on the right, and click on Enforcement. It explains the procedures you would be asked to participate in.

We are developing a Tax Lien Sale Committee. Looking for a group to decide if certain properties are worth it for GVPOA to buy.

We always need an Election Committee in September and October to count the proxy votes that come in for the positions up for election or re-election.

9)  Who do I contact to get a mailbox ?

Answer:   Contact Cotopaxi post office at 16081 US- Hwy 50 or call them at 719-942-4100.

10)  Who is responsible for maintaining our roads?

Answer:  All Glen Vista roads are county roads maintained by Glen Vista EXCEPT FOR Indian Wells Road, a short section of Knight  Lane to all of Kirk Drive, Iron Mountain Road, and part of Kit Carson Trail which are maintained by Fremont County. Questions about these specific roads should be directed to Fremont County Department of Transportation, supervisor Paul Garrett 719-942-4234. For questions about Glen Vista maintained roads, please call us at 719-315-1520.

11)  Is there a weekly trash pickup service available for everyday household trash disposal? 

Answer:  An internet search for “Cotopaxi trash service” yields the following companies:
          Oak Disposal Services    (719) 783-3456
          P Bar O Disposal            (719) 783-0202      
There may be more options available.


Leave a message with the board at 719-315-1520 and one of us will get back to you.