Glen Vista Property Owners Association

Wells and Water Meters

All Property Owners in Filings 9 through 16

In Colorado a law was created which permitted water wells on tracts larger than 35 acres.  So how are we able to have wells on our lots of approximately five acres?
Filings 9 – 16 are able to apply for permits for wells through a water court order of January, 1974. Colorado Department of Natural Resources, through the Division of Water Resources (DWR), has authority to administer this program.  Under the augmentation plan submitted and approved by the court, we are able to install water wells when we receive a state issued well permit. The augmentation plan provides for GVPOA to use ground water based on our agreement to buy water shares to replace the water we draw. The GVPOA is required to enforce the terms of well usage as the agreement states.

What is allowable water use?
GVPOA wells are specifically limited to household use by the court and by the GVPOA agreement.  You may learn the details of this by reviewing your protective covenants.  Every GVPOA property owners in Filings 9 – 16 are encouraged to read paragraph N ‘Water Use’ of the GVPOA covenants, as it is your responsibility to understand the uses and limitations which were agreed upon when the property was purchased.

Is a water meter required?
Yes, all property owners in filings 9 – 16 are required to install an approved water meter on their water system.  Each property owner is required to provide water meter readings to DWR every 6 months. Property owners who do not have a water meter are advised to contact a pump service or well drilling contractor to arrange for a water meter installation.

What is not allowable water use?
GVPOA wells are not permitted to use water for irrigation, livestock, or any other outside purpose.

How does the Board know of non-compliance?
The GVPOA Board is contacted regarding lack of compliance of properties without water meters and missing water meter readings.  Please make sure to comply with these regulations to avoid any fines or penalties.

If you have specific questions or would like details of the agreement, please contact 719-315-1520 or send an email to